Take back control of Your LIFE, Prioritize Your Days, and eliminate Overwhelm -- Even if you SUCK at time management 
"Where The *$%& Did the Last 3 Hours Go?"
Here We Go Again: More To Do Than There Is Time In The Day. Why Does It Keep Happening???
For every always-busy person who wants to take control of your time -- which means taking control of your LIFE -- but can't create space in your daily schedule.

My name is Dre "DreAllDay" Baldwin, and if you want to succeed with Controlling Your Time, then pay very close attention. 

Many an always-busy people suffer from the idea that stuffing more and more activity into your day will eventually led to some magical "breakthrough" moment when you'll finally have time.

But nothing could be further from the truth.
... And if you're a hard worker who feels like you NEVER have enough time for the most important things... then THIS is exactly what you're looking for.
I'd like to introduce you to 25 Hours
which helps you with take your LIFE back, prioritize your focus, and erase schedule overwhelm!
25 Hours makes it simple for you to:
> Relieve yourself of the constant feeling of anxiety over your lack of time...

> Prioritize the FEW things that actually MATTER in your life -- while eliminating all the rest...

> Stop giving so recklessly of your time to people and things that simply don't move the needle in your life...

> Accomplish MORE -- in LESS time...

> Productivity -- but ONLY in the areas that matter to your business, life and relationships...

... and much, MUCH more!
And what makes this even better?
Now you never have to worry about the useless idea of "time management" again!

Which also means you're not stuck feeling like the time you invest into "managing" time is costing you even more of your time -- with no results to show for it!.

And best of all... you'll start seeing results with "25 Hours" in less than 72 Hours.

So again, if you're a hard worker who feels like you NEVER have enough time for the most important things, understand this:
> Time is of the essence -- you know this -- and life doesn't wait for you to get your stuff together. It moves on with or without you...

> You've live in TIME HELL for long enough. This is your way out of there -- NEVER to return...

> The things that matter most to your life are waiting to have your undivided attention...

And "25 Hours" from Dre Baldwin holds the key to your success with controlling your time.
what users are saying about 25 hours
Thanks for the advice and content. I have applied some of your advice and so far have added staff to my academy and turned over management of some aspects to them, freeing up hours during my week. I am also Head Coach for a HS Varsity Team now, with a strong staff to whom I have delegated responsibility as well. Thanks to your advice, I am able to deliver in both areas on the same amount of time I was allocating to just one task before.

I guess I just needed to take that first step of faith. It’s getting easier and now I can see how I can continue to expand my capacity into more areas and involve/promote others at the same time.

Director, Shine Basketball Academy
How 25 Hours Works, And How To Get Started
What To Expect from Your 25 Hours - Starting Now 
What's In 25 Hours: You will access a new 3-7 minute video daily. You'll receive a reminder by email each day to get your lesson. You'll have work to do outside the course as well. 

What's Required of You: Take detailed notes on everything, and DO the daily exercises. 25 Hours, like all my courses, is not a watch-and-leave experience. 

The Final Result: The great thing about 25 Hours is you can tangibly measure your results. Do you have more time to do what's important? Do you feel less stressed about the work on your plate? Can you see the command you now have over your time and your life? 

You will. I guarantee it. 
Dre Baldwin: Who I Am
What Qualifies ME to Teach You This Stuff?
I've produced more online content than any human being in history. Without a solid grip on my time, my work would've swallowed me up a long time ago. 

It almost did. 

With over 5,500 published videos [which have been viewed 40 million+ times], 13 books, 4,000 blog posts, and a daily podcast, amongst other commitments, I keep a production schedule that baffles people as to how I do it. 

My first step was taking control of my time instead of having my time & ambition control me. I mastered that and I created the space for my skill to take over. 

Flash forward to today, I've given a TED Talk on Discipline and written a book on self-management called The Mirror Of Motivation. Time is my employee who does what I want it to do. 

As a speaker and consultant, I work with Business Professionals, Athletes and Entrepreneurs just like you to create the time and space they need to do their best work at their best level. 
Anyone who's worked with me knows: I don't waste time, ever. And when you're learning from me, neither will you. 
WAIT: I want to make starting 25 hours a no-brainer for you... 
So I decided to add the following BONUSES -- all made to enhance your TIME CONTROL -- just for getting started TODAY... 
  • BONUS #1: How To Stop Wasting Time [Audio MasterClass]
  • BONUS #2: ​Who And What Is Worth Your Time? [Audio MasterClass] 
  • BONUS #3: How Your Time Perspective Determines Your Success [Audio MasterClass]
  • BONUS #4: How To Make More Time For Yourself [Audio MasterClass] 
My Guarantee
You know you need to take your life back, starting with your control of time... Yet,  you're hesitant. 

I'll make this easy for you: If you don't love this 30-day mini-course, I want you to get 100% of your money back. I'll tell you why. 

I've been in Time Hell before. Working all day, yet I wasn't achieving anything. I was tired at the end of the day, but there was no production to make it worth the effort. The principles I teach in 25 Hours are the same principles I developed to stop being active and start being productive. 

Now, knowing what needs to be done and being disciplined about the "how" and the "when," I am producing at my highest-ever levels. 

Go through just 5 days of 25 Hours, or all 30 - and see how much more productive you've become. Literally, look at the clock! These are tangible, measurable results. 

Life is nothing but time. No matter how much of everything else you have, if you run out of time, there is no more life. Funny thing is, the most ambitious, helpful and hardest-working people are the ones who always seem to be short on time. 

25 Hours is your cure. 

This course isn't about quitting your job or shutting down your business. It's not even about doing less, per se. It's about knowing what to do based on what you want, and not apologizing for it. It's YOUR life and YOUR time, after all. 25 Hours is about creating change from the inside-out - my life's work. And if I can help you make more sales, have more time for doing what you love, and be more "present" with your family... It's an added bonus. 

So here's my simple offer: If you don't LOVE this course, show me that you've done the work and get 100% of your money back. It's simple: Start now and see for yourself. 
RECAP: what you're getting
  • 25 Hours 30-Day Video Course Value: $249
  • ​BONUS #1: How To Stop Wasting Time [Audio MasterClass] Value: $47
  • BONUS #2: ​Who And What Is Worth Your Time? [Audio MasterClass] Value: $47
  • BONUS #3: How Your Time Perspective Determines Your Success [Audio MasterClass] Value: $47
  • BONUS #4: How To Make More Time For Yourself [Audio MasterClass] Value: $47
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If you don't LOVE this course, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. Join the program and see for yourself.
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