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what Members are saying in the first week

So Many “Call To Action” Items! 

So much rich content here! So many “call to action” items! Definitely not an area for the faint at heart. Only serious people are allowed.  
- Daniel

I Can Easily Navigate It And Find What I’m Looking For

I love the content especially the previous episodes of the podcast, I also really love the way you organize your game group so I can easily navigate it and find what I’m looking for at that certain time. Also plenty of more content.. grateful! 
- Daniel

Great So Far!

It is going great so far, thank you!
- Ethan

Amazing Masterclasses That Has Already Helped Me. 

I think the game group is amazing. Lots of organized amazing masterclasses that has already helped me. 
- Arbin
Game Group Membership
Game Group Membership
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From the desk of Dre Baldwin 

RE: Ensuring that you reach the peak of your potential
Did you know that most people live life "by default" -- never dictating their own outcomes, never taking the steering wheel of their business or career, never finding out how good they actually could be, meekly assuming that they have no control over their own fate?
Here's the problem you face: Most people are doing nothing and going nowhere in life -- and their influence will bring you down with them as life passes them by. 
Which means you'll die and take all of your talent, potential and gifts to the most valuable real estate on earth: a graveyard, right next to all the other could-have-beens who never tapped into their potential. 
Luckily for you, there's now a solution. Let me introduce you to the Game Group Membership, the DAILY MasterClass I teach to help you maximize your "game" in business, sports and life. 
what's in the Game Group Membership?
there are 21 category modules (with more to come). here are A few that are popular... 
  • New And Daily MasterClasses Taught By Dre Baldwin so you can tune in every day and get real-life insight & examples, which means you will be mentally "ON" every day
  • Personal Growth MasterClass Module so you can reflect on your own actions, put your head in the right space to tackle the day and the life ahead of you -- which means you can rewire your brain and change yourself step-by-step
  • Confidence MasterClass Vault so you can enlarge your self-image and get your confidence back to where it belongs -- which means you can end your lifelong struggles with low confidence and lack of self-esteem
  • Business MasterClass Module so you can delegate tasks, codify your knowledge and stop doing all the work yourself -- which means you can start being a true business owner and stop being your own overworked employee
  • Sales & Money MasterClass Module so you can stop underselling your products, services and your time -- which means you will finally earn what you deserve to earn at work
  • Real Conversation MasterClass Module so you can get the "Real Talk" to hold yourself accountable and approach life in a more strategic way -- which means you can put everything from decision-making to action-taking in proper perspective
  • Competition MasterClass Module so you can play at your peak level of performance and dominate opponents -- which means you will WIN more often and be known for your success 
  • Leadership MasterClass Module so you finally can asses your own performance clearly and objectively -- which means you can go from Ineffective Leader to a Strategic Leader
  • Become The Best Version Of Yourself so you can change and better your life consistently -- which means you'll become the person you know you have the tools to become
  • Learn From ONE Teacher in Dre Baldwin so you can have consistency of message, delivery and organization  -- which means you don't have to sort through all these different people's concepts and teachings, AND you can be sure of the quality of the material 
  • FULL Back Catalogue of 1,300 MasterClasses Available On-Demand so you can jump in any time and choose your topic -- which means you are getting a university-level education for less than the cost of going to the movies
  • Audio Formatted MasterClasses You Can Access Anytime From Anywhere -- Even When You're Busy so you can listen and learn even while driving, working or exercising, which means you don't have to set aside "extra" time to use your membership 
 (More) what they're saying... 
Game Group Membership
Game Group Membership
Game Group Membership
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Game Group Membership
Game Group Membership
what being a Game Group Member will actually DO for you...
Here's the perfect solution if you want to learn at your own pace and choose you curriculum! 
Get paid for your knowledge 
don't let your knowledge and experience go to waste -- learn how to make money from it
Do you have knowledge you want to share -- maybe even get paid for? 

You will learn how to translate your knowledge and experiences into endless content, paid products and proprietary processes that people can get ONLY by coming to you. 
NEVER have a confidence problem again
stop lowering yourself mentally and boost your self esteem -- especially if confidence has been a lifelong struggle
Self-Esteem. Personal Belief. Boldness. 

EVERYONE wants more of these -- because we know we'd accomplish a lot more with them. 

Now, you'll have the TEDxTalks, Audio and Video MasterClasses -- all the Confidence material Dre has made... 
get known quickly -- without creating 800 hours of content
Land Interviews And Guest Appearances to spread your name to a wide audience
How much will your brand and business be boosted when you start doing more interviews, podcast appearances and guest content posts? 

With this, you'll learn to get the attention of the people whose audiences you want to get in front of, and exactly how to make them an offer (YOU) that they won't refuse. 
up your energy to influence everyone around you
Stop sleepwalking and leaving tasks half-done -- start moving with purpose 
Many people fail in life because they move too slow. 

Not you. Energy is 85% of the job in life, and a Sense Of Urgency is the key element of seizing opportunity. 

Your Game Group Membership has an ever-growing  series of MasterClasses on keeping you Energy UP and your Sense Of Urgency SHARP. 
get chosen to give Your TED Talk
spread your idea to the world -- even if you've never given a speech before...
A TED Talk is a great credibility piece for your business -- and a fast way to spread your message to millions. 

See all of Dre's four TEDxTalk videos, along with his background commentary on how each one came together. 

AND get the EXCLUSIVE MasterClass on how to get yourself chosen to give your own TEDxTalk...  
stop hesitating and start doing
Start making things happen -- instead of waiting for things to happen
Opportunities don't wait around. 

They're taken by those who are the most alert and aggressive. 

With this MasterClass series, you will become a Go-Getter -- the one who creates opportunity out of nothing and makes things happen whenever you want. 
build a team and delegate the work
Stop doing everything alone and start being a BOSS -- Dre will teach you how
You can't do it all by yourself. 

You'll get a lot more done -- and done a lot better -- when you enroll others in your plans. 

With your Game Group Membership,  you have access to over TWENTY HOURS of material on dealing with people -- conversation, selling, leadership, even eliminating useless people... and MORE.
market yourself online and build your brand
establish yourself as a thought leader -- even if you haven't published anything before...
Content is the way to get yourself noticed online today. Every business needs it. 

As a Game Group Member, you'll learn to... 

- Establish Yourself As a Brand Name Online
- Come up With ENDLESS Content Ideas 
- Master the Best Types of Content 
- Set up Your Websites or Podcasts
- Make Your Content Unique
- and MORE! 
what people Are saying about learning from dre...
We have thousands of Testimonials from people who have learned from, bought from and worked with dre -- here are just a few... 


I was a really good basketball player physical but mentally I wasn't there... I went from good to unstoppable. Dre just doesn't cover Confidence. He covers Confidence, discipline, Visioning Success, dealing with negativity, mindset mistakes and much, much more! I have recommended Dre to anyone who wants to be serious in basketball or anything in life. Thank you again and Work On Your Game!
Grayson Honaker​​
Basketball Player


Thanks for the advice and content. I have applied some of your advice and so far have added staff to my academy and turned over management of some aspects to them, freeing up hours during my week. I am also Head Coach for a HS Varsity Team now, with a strong staff to whom I have delegated responsibility as well. Thanks to your advice, I am able to deliver in both areas on the same amount of time I was allocating to just one task before.I guess I just needed to take that first step of faith. It’s getting easier and now I can see how I can continue to expand my capacity into more areas and involve/promote others at the same time.
Rob Pierson
Director, Shine Basketball Academy


I appreciate your advice and will be following what you said today as I have with most of the other advice that you give out on your other podcasts. I’m one of your advid daily listeners (and one of your actual appliers of advice) and have ALREADY started to ask those initial questions to potential clients. You’re changing lives out here man, I hope you know and understand that.
Jasmine Kearse
Creative Consultant


I want to thank you for the opportunity to open my awareness and thank you for the motivation. In 2018 I just built my tea company in China here in the tea gardens of Wuyi mountain. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you. I still remember your powerful speech. It has really motivated me. Here I am and I would like yo say thank you. - 
Peiqin Zhao 


Dre, The life I decided to create when we talked is coming into being every day. I've created a contract and sent it off to someone on Monday. I'm firming up pricing tomorrow with a mentor. In the meantime, I got another request via Facebook for my services and I have had multiple people refer to me as "the expert" online lately. It's all coming together like you said! I listen to your podcast every day and am so incredibly grateful. You're the best. Thank you for changing my course by pushing me and challenging me. I honestly don't think I could have heard it from anyone but you at that point.
Jean South


Hey Dre, The reason for this email is to express my sincere appreciation and admiration for the dedication you have for your craft. I've been following you for a little over two years now. I own several books of yours and I also purchased your Bullet Proof Mindset Course. But the thing that's helped me the most is your PODCAST. I learned so much from The WOYG Podcast that it made me want to start my own. I wanted to do for others what you did for me. I wanted to for two years but I didn't! There's a bunch of excuses for why I didn't, but not a single good reason. The only thing that was in my way was me. But I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired, so I decided to take action. I posted my 4th podcast episode yesterday.I have you to thank for that! Thank you for your content! & Thank you for helping me build up the confidence I needed to finally launch my podcast. (P.s. it's even rated 5 Stars on Apple Podcast :) )
Flor Castro
Podcast Host


When I first came across @DreAllDay podcast, I was full of energy with no idea on how to use that energy. I developed mental toughness as I kept on listening to his podcast, work by word. Now I started something of my own at the age of 17, inspired by Dre Baldwin.
Isaiah Netsianda


Hey Dre, I just wanted to say Thank You for all of your help on reaching my goals, almost 2 years ago I set out the goal of winning a national championship and I did just that this past month. For these past 2 years I really focused in on myself and really worked on getting better each and everyday. I lived by your philosophy and now because of that I’m a national champ. Thank You so much for everything Dre And it’s only the beginning 🤩
Adam Murphy
Basketball Player


Much love to you Dre! I just ordered your book this morning too. Your words this morning are exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve been listening to your podcasts for months now and it has definitely helped change the way I view myself and things. Keep doing what you’re doing. I will always support you!! 
Leila Nicole


I wanted to let you know that I love what you're doing. I haven't heard all of your podcasts yet but I'm working my way through them. I'm an athlete from a different perspective, I'm a barrel racer. I ride horses and compete in rodeo. Although a majority of sport talk you use or work with is Basketball, I can understand everything and can use it to help myself. It's actually helps me think outside the box because I can't just copy and paste the situation from whatever you may be talking about to what I'm going through. You have made me more disciplined in myself and the work I need to do to become better every day. I greatly appreciate what you do.
Caitlin Collins
Rodeo Competitor
COMPARISON: what else do you spend [at least] $27/month on?
is this investment worth it for you? let's take an objective, logical look at how yuo already spend money and see if it makes sense... 
     Night out at the movies for two ..................................
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     Lunches and dinners [eating out]..................................
     snacks and junk food ...................................................
     useless items from amazon .........................................
     no-Value memberships that you forgot to cancel.........
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     Total spent on useless stuff .........................................
    Game Group Membership .......................
     Night out at the movies for two ................................................ $67+
     random smartphone apps ................................................. $39
     Lunches and dinners [eating out].......................................... $89+
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     useless items from amazon ................................................. $47+
     no-Value memberships that you forgot to cancel........................ $29
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    Game Group Membership ...................................... $27
which of these will actually MAKE YOU BETTER AND MORE VALUABLE Over time? which of these investments will pay you back???
but... what if you DON'T join? 
what your future will probably look like if you pass on this opportunity To Cure Your Lack Of Confidence, Self-Evaluate On A Daily Basis And Stop Letting Yourself Off The Hook -- Even If You're New To Personal Development!... 

here's what Your life will look like 3 weeks, 6 months or a year from now if you pass on this and  keep doing what you've been doing:

  • You Won't Have The Virtual Mentorship That Empowers You To Do Your Best In Life so your personal growth will stagnate -- which means you'll be in neutral while everyone else moves forward...
  • You'll Go Through Life Unmotivated And Uninspired so you can't get anyone to follow your lead or listen to what you have to say -- which means you will be unqualified to lead anyone...
  • You Will Struggle To Push Yourself Past The Challenges Of Life so you will quit at the first sign of setbacks and adverse circumstances, which means you will live and eventually die as an average-level, forgotten person...
  • You Will Continue To Be Blind To Your Own B.S. so your accountability will be low and you won't be able to keep it real with yourself, which means you won't notice when you're lying to yourself and you'll ignore your personal areas for improvement...
  • Your Personal Growth Will Stagnate so you will remain in the same spot while your peers and competitors advance in their businesses, careers and lives which means your talent and potential will go unused and ultimately wasted...
bonus courses: you can't access these anywhere else but as a Game Group Member
still not sure about joing the Game Group? maybe these excusive, member-only course will help you decide. These are all bonuses -- included as part of your membership! No additional charges whatsoever
bonus #1
Stop getting paid less than you're worth
get people intersted in you and valuing your properly -- on YOUR terms
These days, you have to make yourself stand out. Those who can't generate attention get ignored. 
To this end, you MUST master the skill of selling yourself. 

In Sell Yourself, a Game Group Exclusive course, you will learn --

- Mindset Behind Selling Yourself 
- Promoting Yourself & Creating Interest
- Upping and Maintaining Your Market Value 
- How To Get ANYTHING You Want In Life
- MORE... 
* This course is Available after your first monthly membership payment
value: $4,997
bonus #2
stop apologizing and compromising 
stop letting people and circumstances push you around and start attacking life head-on
Are you sick and tired of selling yourself short? 
Do you feel like you spend way too much energy adjusting yourself just to get along with others? 
Are you ready to stop compromising all the time?

We all have goals -- and sometimes, you have to move others out of your way to reach those goals. 

In this Game Group-Exclusive course, Unapologetic, you will learn -- 

- Decision Making 
- How to stop apologizing so much 
- Prioritizing yourself 
- Eliminating Feelings Of Regret
- MORE... 
* This course is Available 3rd Month of Your Membership
value: $4,997
bonus #3
stop wasting time in procrastination and delay
stop letting time control you and start CONTROLLING your own time and 
Time is the most valuable resource we have. When we run out of time, the WHOLE game is over. 

So we need to make sure we're not just managing our time, but taking full control over it. That's what 25 Hours is for. 

In this course, available as part of your Game Group Membership, you will access my this 30-day course that will keep time working on your side forever. 
* This course is Available 4th Month of Your Membership
value: $4,997
bonus #4
fire your cheap, headache and broke clients
stop accepting less than you're worth and start OVER-charging for the value you bring -- and actually GET IT
Have you ever lowered your price just to get a client -- and hated yourself for it? 

Feel like you're working all day for very little progress? 

How would it feel to NEVER deal with a no-money prospect again? 

These are not about price. They're about VALUE. 

With the Raise Your Game Series, you will learn how to package and position your value in a way that makes business fun again. 
* This course is Available 4th Month of Your Membership
value: $4,997
bonus #5
stop allowing life to push you around
Stop Quitting When Times get rough and Mentally dominate life
Mental Toughness is a key component of the Work On Your Game philosophy; it's the key element that keeps us going when things are not working on our favor. 

In this Game Group Membership-Exclusive course Toughen Up, you will learn to --

- Forget About the Competition  
- Stop Taking Everything Personally 
- Impose Discipline on Yourself 
- Keep Your Own Mind from Destroying You 
- Harness the Power of Your Will 
- More... 
* This course is Available 5th Month of Your Membership
value: $4,997
bonus #6
Stop looking for inspiration
be mentally on fire every day -- even if your current situation isn't great (yet)
In Motivation On A Million, another Game Group Membership Exclusive course, you get a series of short, easily-digestible and power-packed videos that promise to keep your mind sharp and your energy activated. 

You will learn to --

- Make It Your Time, Any Time 
- Handle Every Challenge You Face
- Live in The Moment 
- Develop Your Abundance Mindset 
- Shape Your Reality 
- More... 
* This course is Available the 6th Month of Your Membership
value: $4,997
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  • "Sell Yourself" Member-EXCLUSIVE Course on Marketing Yourself [VALUE: $4,997]
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