Learn How To Get Virtually EVERYTHING Done Like The Most Productive People On Earth -- In 30 Days Or Less
Here's a special message for every person who has a lot on their plate who need to follow through on commitments, but can't do so consistently.
Hi, my name is Dre "DreAllDay" Baldwin and if you want to step up your Discipline, then pay very close attention!

Many a person who has a lot on their plates suffer from the idea that forcing themselves into doing things that they don't really want to do is the key to success.

But nothing could be further from the truth.
And if you're someone with the energy and the skill to accomplish BIG THINGS -- and who wants to get see those goals come to life sooner rather than later... then THIS is exactly what you're looking for.
I'd like to introduce you to 30 Days To Discipline, which helps you with finish what you start, maintain complete focus, and delete distractions!
30 Days To Discipline makes it simple for you to:
> Mental Toughness to discipline yourself -- even if you've never been good at that before...

> 30 straight days of FUN, EASY and QUICK Discipline-Building actions...

> The focus of knowing you can make ANYTHING happen on your own...

> Boost your personal energy for all areas of your life...

> Keep every promise you make to yourself -- building even more self-confidence in the process...
... and much, MUCH more!
And what makes this even better?
Now you never have to worry about beating yourself up over unfinished business of the past again!

Which also means you're not stuck feeling like your mind and your HEART and not in it until you forgive yourself for the past.

And best of all... you'll start seeing results with 30 Days To Discipline in one week.
So again, if you're someone with the energy and the skill to accomplish BIG THINGS -- and who wants to get see those goals come to life sooner rather than later, understand this:
> You have an un-lived life within you that is WAITING to come out...

> You DESERVE to finally TRUST YOURSELF -- and I'll show you how to do it in 30 DAYS...

> When you learn to take control of The Third Day [which I'll show you in the course], everything opens up for you...

And 30 Days To Discipline from Dre "DreAllDay" Baldwin holds the key to your success with Discipline.
what users are saying about 30 Days To discipline
Hello, this is Nefi LeBaron I am a 19 year old entrepreneur, jus started my one online business a couple months ago, and I also work as a wind turbine technician, i graduated from jr high and never went to high school. 
Before i joined 30 days of discipline, I was having trouble keeping to anything I said that I was gonna do, I couldn't get myself to eat healthy or to go to the gym or to stick with anything practically. 

Since I started I have learned to always apply massive amounts of discipline in every aspect of my life, I am now more successful than I ever could have imagined, this is probably the best 100 dollars or however much it was that I have ever spent. You have given me soo much value in mi life and I forever appreciate that!!

I hope that I can meet you in person one day and tell you what a big impact you have had on my life. 
Hey Dre,

Just went through today's discipline. You wanted to know about the changes that have happened, so here goes: I feel like I certainly have a different way of looking at things. I feel like I have been better about getting things done. The past few days it seems like I have had a ton of energy, but I'm really focused on channeling it towards things that will actually help me in life. I feel like I have been taking actions that are planting the seeds for a very large and prosperous tree; I can feel big changes coming, as well as big changes that have already taken place. I feel like I am more clear and focused on my goals, and eliminating anything that does not fall in line to the best of my ability. I can't wait until I have those days when I don't feel like getting up, performing, or doing whatever. At the beginning I told myself I wanted to be the most disciplined person in whatever room I walk into. I do have a long way to go, but I have only just begun the process of heating up the oven. 

Also, you wanna know something interesting and exciting that I came up with? I got a mirror and I am going to hang it right on my door. This way I will have constant reminder that it is 100% up to me, and if I see something in myself that I do not like or in my environment or situation that I do not like, it is 100% up to me to do the actions to make those changes. Then I will ask myself, ok here is what I do not like; how can I fix this? How can I get myself to a point where I overcome this obstacle, or whatever the situation may be? I will also use the mirror to check up on my progress so that I can get myself to that person that I would want to follow, as you mentioned in Day 7. Oh, by the way, while we're talking about mirrors: I'm almost done with your book, The Mirror of Motivation, and it is excellent!

Until next time,
How 30 Days To Discipline Works, And How To Get Started
What To Expect from 30 Days To Discipline - Starting Now 
What's In 30 Days To Discipline: You will access a new 3-7 minute video daily. You'll receive a reminder by email each day to get your lesson. You'll have work to do outside the course as well. 

What's Required of You: Take detailed notes on everything, and DO the daily exercises. 30 Days To Discipline, like all my courses, is not a watch-and-leave experience. 

The Final Result: The great thing about 30 Days To Discipline is you can tangibly measure your results. Do you have more time to do what's important? Do you feel less stressed about the work on your plate? Can you see the command you now have over yourself? 

You will. I guarantee it. 
Dre Baldwin: Who I Am
What Qualifies ME to Teach You This Stuff?
I've produced more online content than any human being in history. Without a solid grip on my time, my work would've swallowed me up a long time ago. 

It almost did. 

With over 5,500 published videos [which have been viewed 40 million+ times], 13 books, 4,000 blog posts, and a daily podcast, amongst other commitments, I keep a production schedule that baffles people as to how I do it. 

My first step was taking control of my time instead of having my time & ambition control me. I mastered that and I created the space for my skill to take over. 

Flash forward to today, I've given a TED Talk on Discipline and written a book on self-management called The Mirror Of Motivation. Time is my employee who does what I want it to do. 

As a speaker and consultant, I work with Business Professionals, Athletes and Entrepreneurs just like you to create the time and space they need to do their best work at their best level. 
Anyone who's worked with me knows: I don't waste time, ever. And when you're learning from me, neither will you. 
WAIT!!! I want to make starting 30 Days To Discipline a no-brainer for you... 
So I decided to add the following BONUSES -- all made to enhance your TIME CONTROL -- just for getting started TODAY... 
  • BONUS #1: Discipline: Conquering the 3rd Day @ ISPA 2017 Conference [Video Recording] $4,997 Value
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Total Value: $6,576...
My Guarantee
You know you want this... But you're a little unsure. I get the same way when buying things: I've made my decision, and at the last moment I hesitate. 

Let me help you: If you don't love this 30-day mini-course, I want you to get 100% of your money back. I'll tell you why. 

I invite you to go through 5 days of learning, or 17, or all 30 - and see the difference in your follow-through. In your confidence. In your results.  

Discipline is the only reason I had a 9-year professional basketball career. Discipline built my brand and it runs my businesses to this very day. I know its value and people hire me (for 20-100x the cost of this mini-course) to teach it to them. 

This course isn't about you becoming a drill sergeant (though you can if you want to). It's about become a master of self in a way that makes "self-control" real. It's about creating change from the inside-out - my life's work. And if I can help you eat better... finally write that book... or motivate your friends... I'll be happy for that, too.  

So here's my simple offer: If you don't LOVE this mini-course, show me that you've done the work and get 100% of your money back. It's simple: Join the program and see for yourself.
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  • 30 Days To Discipline Video Course $497 Value
  • BONUS #1: Discipline: Conquering the 3rd Day @ ISPA Conference [Video Recording] $4,997 Value
  • BONUS #2: ​Vision & Discipline [Livestream Recording] $497 Value
  • BONUS #3: MasterClass: Prioritizing Activities [Video MasterClass] $97 Value
  • BONUS #4:  MasterClass: Consistent Confidence [Video MasterClass] $197 Value
  • ​BONUS #5: Discipline CANNOT Be Spot-Trained [Audio MasterClass] $47 Value
  • ​BONUS #6: How To Impose Discipline On Yourself [Audio MasterClass] $47 Value
  • BONUS #7: Discipline Does NOT Mean Perfection [Audio MasterClass] $47 Value
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If you don't LOVE this course, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. Join the program and see for yourself.
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