time is NOT waiting for you to catch up to it.... 
be the super-human version of yourself who everyone follows, listens to and wants to be like is less than 12 weeks -- and stop selling yourself short and quitting everything you start
give me 12 weeks and i'll give you a NEW You -- Guaranteed
you have big goals, hopes and desires, but...  
it seems like your own mind is working against you most of the time 
You're not following through on plans. Your Focus is off. 
You don't feel fully confident in your ability to make things happen. It's been hard to get people to follow you.
It would be great if you could tap into the discipline and focus to actually complete all the things you plan on doing. This would boost your confidence, which in turn would make people more willing to follow you. 
You've tried some things, but they've proven to be only mildly effective at best -- and completely useless at worst. You feel completely lost when it comes to controlling your mind. 
THe "window of opportunity" For you to maximize your potential closes quickly... 
 So you don't have the luxury of handling this challenge "whenever" -- maximizing the potential of your life is an URGENT need
All the while, as a leader, people have needs and problems that they expect YOU to help them with. Work and Family place their own sets of demands on you. 
"Life" happens when you least need *more* things to handle. 

All this adds up to you feeling knowing that you're not living up to your potential. 
You're doing better than A LOT of people you know, but that's not what matters to you. 
You want to know that you've made the most of YOUR ability. 
And right now, you're not there. 

And it didn't matter to me that I was out-performing my friends or former classmates. 
I knew I wasn't doing MY best. 
This  left me feeling empty and knowing that I needed to make a change.
Luckily, I stumbled upon a solution that started to change things...
  I was lucky enough to discover the secret to unlocking the key to changing things for me ...

  It turned out to be THE solution, finally a result after all the failure and underachieving, pain and suffering. 

And now...

  My whole life's mission to help others -- people just like you!
How it started for me
Low Confidence. No follow through. leadership Skills? Forget about it. every setback throwing me off my game. 
From a young age, I'd always saw myself as someone who would be known -- I didn't what for, just that people would know my name. 

PROBLEM: I was never taught to be confident. 
If anything, I was very UN-confident. 
I was uncomfortable speaking up for myself. 
I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin. 

As a growing kid with bifocal glasses and too-tight clothes (back when neither was cool), I had very little self-esteem. 

I eventually chose sports as my vehicle to fulfill that vision of mine. 

It took me many years, into adulthood, to realize just how much this lack of confidence was not only affecting how I saw myself -- but also how other people perceived and dealt with me. 

I felt like a nobody with no voice, as if my presence in the world didn't even matter. 

Trying to make a name for myself in sports, where confidence is EVERYTHING, didn't go too well either. 

It was through playing sports, though, that I had the big "ah-ha!!" moment that turned things around. 
- Dre Baldwin
"The way You see yourself determines not only what you do And how other people see you -- it determines your destiny in life." - Dre Baldwin
What would Life Would Be Like If you Could get full control of your mindset?
Let me share with you some of the benefits of the solution I found...
Your word carries weight
Which means you stop following and start LEADING the way you've always seen yourself leading. People listen to you and want to follow you to where you're going. 
"Bold + Confident" Describes you
You'll experience what it feels like to believe in yourself 100%, ALL THE TIME. How would that change your life? What would you do with just this one change, that you're not doing now?
Perpetually in your "zone"
This is the mental space when you're locked in and clear on your objectives. Do you know what happens for a person who knows where (s)he's going? People move the hell out of your way. 
Sharp & Unbreakable FOCUS
Ever had a problem with staying focused on a task, deleting distractions,  and getting sh*t done? Say goodbye to that problem, as you'll finish the things you start and never be thrown off track. 
The Powerful Leader
Handling your own mentality is only half the battle -- you still have to deal with other people -- some of them negative, some whose cooperation you need. You will be able to get these people on the same page as you with no problem.
A Permanent Transformation
Sure, we have all had moments of feeling great and on-point. But... it comes and goes. Now, your mind will be conditioned to the state you WANT it in, and this will be your normal day-to-day mindset. 
What's this The solution? introducing... 
bulletproof mindset 2.0
The 12-Module mental game MASTER Course To help you lock into Your Zone, develop sharp Focus and exude Full Confidence to Lead Yourself and your Team, and Make It Stick Forever - Guaranteed
... In Just 12 Weeks!
here's everything you get with bulletproof mindset 2.0


Much love to you Dre!  Your words this morning are exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve been listening to your podcasts for months now and it has definitely helped change the way I view myself and things. Keep doing what you’re doing!! - Leila

"Dropping All the Analysis Paralysis, and Shaking the Fear, and Just Doing Wtf We Wanna Do"

I just want to say that your are REALLY good at making the case for dropping all the analysis paralysis, and shaking the fear, and just doing wtf we wanna do, win lose or draw, and letting the chips fall where they fall, without whining. Nike says "Just Do It," and hell, a LOT of people say it, but few make the case like you do. Excellent work. - Steven


Hey Dre, I just wanted to say Thank You for all of your help on reaching my goals, almost 2 years ago I set out the goal of winning a national championship and I did just that this past month. For these past 2 years I really focused in on myself and really worked on getting better each and everyday. I lived by your philosophy and now because of that I’m a national champ. Thank You so much for everything Dre And it’s only the beginning 🤩 - Adam


I would sometimes let [lack of] self-confidence get in my way... Dre helped me get my mind right and become the person who I wanted to be. I highly recommend Dre for anyone who wants to to get on the path of getting your mind right and achieving the things that you really want to do. Work On Your Game! - John
bulletproof mindset 2.0 course
Bulletproof Mindset is more than a course. 

Bulletproof Mindset is the FOUNDATIONAL groundwork I laid first for myself, and what I've taught on a daily basis for the past 15 years -- starting with athletes and now with entrepreneurs, freelancers and business professionals. 

Bulletproof Mindset is not something you do -- it's who you  will transform into over the course of the 12 modules. Imagine A WHOLE NEW YOU, leaving your past self behind. 

That's the opportunity this course is offering. You in? 
what you're getting [12-Module Video Course]
  • Module 1: The 7 Golden Rules
  • Module 2: Personal Mental Conditioning System 
  • Module 3: The Little Things That Make a BIG Difference 
  • Module 4: Mindset Mistakes That Good People Habitually Make
  • Module 5: Handling Negativity From People & Circumstances
  • Module 6: The Power Of Razor Sharp Focus
  • Module 7: Communicating With Power
  • Module 8: Making It Who You ARE, Not Just What You DO
  • Module 9: xxxxxxxxxxxx [Get Started To See!]
  • Module 10: xxxxxxxxxxxx [Get Started To See!]
  • Module 11: xxxxxxxxxxxx [Get Started To See!]
  • Module 12: xxxxxxxxxxxx [Get Started To See!]
how THis helps you
  • Benefit: Condition yourself to be at your best mentally on a DAILY basis 
  • Benefit: Eliminate the MENTAL COBWEBS that block clear thinking
  • Benefit: Handle negative and uncooperative people EASILY
  • Benefit: Sharpen your FOUCS to get more stuff done every day
  • Benefit: Communicate in a powerful way and always get your point across 
  • Benefit: Make your new mindset who you, one that lasts PERMANENTLY
  • Benefit: Handle and fix all the common mental errors that erode the Bulletproof Mindset
  • Benefit: In addition to the internal change, your transformation will show on the outside as well -- everyone will see and feel your new energy 
  • Benefit: A Whole NEW YOU
WHy It really matters for you
  • SUPER-PRODUCTIVE: Get and THE MOST done every day
  • LEADERSHIP: People will FOLLOW your directives and LISTEN when you talk 
  • ​EXCITED: Wake up energized about life every day
  • ​WORKING FOR YOU: Have your mind on your side, never against you 
  • ​CONFIDENCE: Live at your highest possible level and stay there 
  • ​CONDITION: Your mind like a top athlete conditions their body 


When I first came across @DreAllDay podcast, I was full of energy with no idea on how to use that energy. I developed mental toughness as I kept on listening to his podcast, work by word. Now I started something of my own at the age of 17, inspired by Dre Baldwin. - Isaiah


My boss heard Dre speak and was wowed by his perspective and enthusiasm for success. At the time of Dre's talk for our group, we were celebrating our company's top sellers. The challenge that faced us in that setting was motivation to press on and achieve even more success this year than the last. His words were impactful to the level that a worker in the venue where Dre was speaking to us actually came up to him later and thanked him, stating that Dre spoke on exactly what he needed to hear that night. Dre was very professional and even stood in for photos and autographs after his speaking time was finished. - Rachel


Dre is the real deal. He teaches the characteristics -- Discipline, Confidence , Mental Toughness, Initiative -- that we could use more of a s a society. - Grace
BONUS #1: The mental Workbook: your daily self-guide to YOUr vision of success
This is the exact mental conditioning program that I follow myself, to this day. I guarantee that it works. And I DEMAND that you follow it. 

It's not enough to simply tell you how to build your mindset of Mental Toughness, Confidence & Discipline. 
Changing your life from the inside-out, starting with how you see YOURSELF, must be done by YOU. Nothing I say to you will have as much impact on your life as what YOU say to you.  
Which is why I created The Mental Workbook.  This will help you implement everything you're already getting in Bulletproof Mindset every day. 
what you get [336-Page ebook + Audiobook]
  • Understanding Your Subconscious Mind [Page 18]
  • Mental Conditioning [Page 50]
  • The 3 Key Life Lists [Page 59]
  • Your Daily Journal: How To Do It [Page 178]
  • The Be-Do-Have Principle [Page 116] 
  • XXXXXXXXXX [Get Started To Find Out!]
  • XXXXXXXXXX [Get Started To Find Out!]
  • XXXXXXXXXX [Get Started To Find Out!]
  • XXXXXXXXXX [Get Started To Find Out!]
  • XXXXXXXXXX [Get Started To Find Out!]
What THis does for you
  • Benefit: Have daily affirmations to recite every day, shaping your mentality exactly as you want it
  • Benefit: Condition your subconscious mind to work for you -- even in your sleep! 
  • Benefit: Write our your life's goals strategically 
  • ​Benefit: Have a full, everyday plan for reaching your goals 
  • ​Benefit: Enjoy the calm feeling of KNOWING that things will work in your favor, not matter what is happening in the present
  • CHANGE: The way you see yourself will be CHANGING 
  • SHED ALL DOUBTS: And personal inhibitions about being your true self
  • BELIEVE: Fully in yourself and your direction in life 
  • ​CLEAR OBJECTIVES: For your day, your week, your year, and your life -- all that YOU created
  • ​Quickly & Easily INCORPORATE: What you learn in Bulletproof Mindset and make it all part of your REAL LIFE

"I Was Laid Off from My Job Last Month... This Course Has Been the Best at Putting Me Back Into the Zone"

I'm in the middle of your bulletproof mind course right and wow man. Great Stuff! I've read a lot of books on self-motivation and keeping a positive mental attitude. I've read Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracey. You name it. You seem to find a way to get right down to the meat and potatoes. This course has been the best at putting me back into the zone. I was laid off from my job last month and instead of going back to the 9-5 grind I've mustered the courage to start my own business. I was worried that I would lack the confidence to do it but your course has helped me tremendously. Thanks for everything man. I appreciate it - Maurice


Thank you for the great material you're providing for us. To answer your question of paying a monthly fee for your "Daily Game" emails - yes, I'd likely pay for this since your information and perspective on life has been and is valuable. Thanks again! - Mark


I appreciate your advice and will be following what you said today as I have with most of the other advice that you give out. I’m one of your avid daily listeners (and one of your actual appliers of advice) and have ALREADY started to ask those initial questions to potential clients. You’re changing lives out here man, I hope you know and understand that. - Jasmine


Dre is a master of peeling back the layers to get to what's really important... Real, raw, and practical guide for getting whatever it is that you want. Be prepared to leave your excuses behind and experience mega growth. - Misty


... Bring discipline, confidence, and fearlessness to your work whether you're in the boardroom, a start-up garage, or the sales office. It will show you where to put the work in to get the best results, when to take chances, and how to toughen up to meet daily challenges. Baldwin's  advice will inspire you to play your best -- no matter what your game. - Dan


Thank you!!!!!! You were amazing!!!! The students were talking abut your talk ALL DAY TODAY!!!! - Melissa
BONUS #2: The game: raise your value 
You started your business to do what you love, but find yourself responsible for doing a whole lot of other stuff that has ​nothing to do with that love. You’re in a tangled web of work in which you’re not even spending much time doing the thing you most enjoy.

The good thing about problems, though: they wouldn’t be problems if they didn’t have solutions.

To address these challenges, and guide you to their solutions, I created this course to help you achieve one specific result: ​Spend more of your time and energy doing what you’re amazing at, which will drive more revenue to your business. 

How would that make you feel? 
what you get [WRITTEN Material + AUDIO MASTERCLASSes]
  • Entrepreneurs: Stop Doing All The Work Yourself!  
  • ​Delegation 101
  • Codification of Your Knowledge 
  • Raising Your Prices: The Logical And Emotional Understanding Of Why 
What THis does for you
  • Benefit: Once you get clear on your business processes and systems, things that can be executed in a consistent, disciplined way, you can ​enlist other people to take some of that work off of your hands​.
  • ​Benefit: The challenge of lacking time and space — especially if you’re doing any form of consulting (coaching, speaking, training, etc) — can be solved rather easily. 
  • ​Benefit: Take the very knowledge and expertise that your clients pay for and package it: ​create products and services that deliver to your audience without requiring your physical presence​.
  • Benefit: It would be great to relieve yourself of the anxiety that comes with needing to sign a new client (or hope that clients renew) to ensure that your bills are paid this month. 
  • ​Benefit: You can do this by ​1) having more than one “offering” out there working for you, and you --
  • ​Benefit: 2) have multiple products at multiple price points, so you’re able to serve everyone where they are and at the level they’re available at​.
WHy this really matters for you
  • FINALLY: STOP​ doing ALL of the work yourself
  • SYSTEMS: For everything your business does
  • ​DELEGATE​: Pass off work that can be done by others
  • CODIFY: Convert your knowledge into SELLABLE PRODUCTS  
  • ​REMOVE: YOURSELF from your business where you're not needed
  • ​​PSYCHOLOGY: Master your mindset around PRICE 
  • ​STOP: giving your value away 


Hi! My name is Raychel Shannon and I am an avid listener of your podcast. I really relate to your background story. I am a basketball player who also had a crazy journey to make it pro. I went from D2 to D3 to D2 again and made it overseas last year after overcoming a lot of closed doors. I used a lot of your material to guide me through the process and to get a taste of what to expect. Also, your podcast about reading books impacted my life in a huge way. I have always loved to read but didn’t prioritize it. Since listening I have read about a book a week and am working to increase this number even more. You have even inspired me to put my own blog together. When it is up and running I will definitely send you the link. In closing, I want to thank you for the material you put out. Keep up the great, quality work! - Raychel


My name is Ellyson Ortega and I'm 19 years old. I'm currently a Sophomore in College and some of the challenges I was facing was definitely confidence in myself and even the way I viewed myself. I wasn't as confident as I wanted to be. Deep down I knew I could always be more confident. I just didn't know how to reach it. When you sent out an email about ASAP Confidence, I had to try it out. I had a feeling this was meant for me. I knew it because the moment I started Day 1, I knew this was going to work for me. Going through the ASAP Confidence course, I've learned how to become the "Super You" and I even know how to stand properly and even walk properly. I know what to think and what to do now when someone tries to tear me down. The results of this course are AMAZING! I noticed the difference after Day 1 and I've just been so much happier with myself ever since I took this course. Not only did I become more confident, but I became much happier as well. This course will CHANGE your life for the better! You won't be the same person you were before and that's a great thing!!! Some people will leave you because of it but that's okay! Those people aren't meant to be apart of your life anyways!! Once you take this course, you become an opportunity magnet! You will attract everything!!! Thanks again to Dre Baldwin as he created this life changing course!! Recommend this course 100/10. - Ellyson


Thanks for the advice and content. I have applied some of your advice and so far have added staff to my academy and turned over management of some aspects to them, freeing up hours during my week. I am also Head Coach for a HS Varsity Team now, with a strong staff to whom I have delegated responsibility as well. Thanks to your advice, I am able to deliver in both areas on the same amount of time I was allocating to just one task before.I guess I just needed to take that first step of faith. It’s getting easier and now I can see how I can continue to expand my capacity into more areas and involve/promote others at the same time. - Rob
BONUS #3 Discipline Master course volume 1 
As a 9-year professional athlete, this was the first thing I learned: 

Talent gets you a job. Discipline gives you a career. 

In this 5-part course, you get 88 minutes of raw and real teaching from me on the basics of Self-Discipline.  

This will help you to implement the teaching from Bulletproof Mindset much faster and easier because the Disciplines will be second nature to you now. 
what you get [5-MODULE AUDIO CLASS]
  • Basics of Self-Discipline
  • The "Why" & "How" Of Discipline And Where It Applies
  • "Lather, Rinse & Repeat"
  • How Discipline Creates Confidence
  • Why Discipline Matters MORE Than Passion
  • XXXXXXXXXX [Get Started To Find Out!]
  • XXXXXXXXXX [Get Started To Find Out!]
  • XXXXXXXXXX [Get Started To Find Out!]
What THis does for you
  • Benefit: Understand the pivotal role discipline plays in success
  • Benefit: Get more stuff done every day with a calm confidence, even when you're on deadline and under pressure  
  • Benefit: Develop consistent routines that produce results 
  • ​Benefit: Become the executor who's known for getting things DONE
  • ​Benefit: Show up every day to get the job done, even when you don't feel like it
WHy this really matters for you
  • ​FINISH: Everything you start -- no more "loose ends"!!
  • COMPLETION MINDSET: Close all the "open loops" in your life + mind 
  • ROUTINES: For the most important aspects of your life -- 
  • ​REPUTATION: For being an EXECUTOR who gets things done 
  • ​OUT-PERFORM COMPETITION: Dust off the "passionate" people when they burn out quickly (they always do)


Hey Dre, The reason for this email is to express my sincere appreciation and admiration for the dedication you have for your craft. I've been following you for a little over two years now. I own several books of yours and I also purchased your Bullet Proof Mindset Course. But the thing that's helped me the most is your PODCAST. I learned so much from The WOYG Podcast that it made me want to start my own. I wanted to do for others what you did for me. I wanted to for two years but I didn't! There's a bunch of excuses for why I didn't, but not a single good reason. The only thing that was in my way was me. But I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired, so I decided to take action. I posted my 4th podcast episode yesterday.I have you to thank for that! Thank you for your content! & Thank you for helping me build up the confidence I needed to finally launch my podcast. (P.s. it's even rated 5 Stars on Apple Podcast :) ) - Flor


Just finished book over the weekend—thanks so much for all the great info. It will be a great resource coaching at a Div 3 school---I know our best player from this season is trying to continue to play. Looking forward to sharing the info—great thoughts on mental toughness. Thanks again, - Brad


What’s up Dre, Just watched the video and you’ve made some solid points that I found are helpful. I’m a college sophomore planning to play D1 this year and set myself up for a possible overseas career after college. I’ve been watching your videos since 2013 and started listening to your podcasts in 2015. The podcasts assisted me to focus on myself so I could buy a game and actually have the respect and skill of being a hooper. I’m coming from zero elementary or high school team experience and your content resonates with me. Outside of basketball most importantly, it provides structure and resiliency from everything and everyone around that isn’t in my corner and it’s much respect, love and appreciation for the content. With your consistency of content and my consistency of effort into my craft I could say that I’ve created a possible reality for myself to play pro ball and plan to read the overseas book to bring it more into reality. So thank you once again big bro. - Justin
BONUS #4: Discipline master course volume 2
There's a process to making anything happen. And, while you may know what that process is, you don't always feel like sticking to that process. 

The better you can get over those not-feeling-like-it feelings, the sooner you get to your goals. 

In this 6-part course, you get the raw and real teaching that I've become known for on the NEXT level of discipline: respecting the process of applying your discipline consistently, even when you least feel like it. 
what you get  [6-MODULE AUDIO CLASS]
  • Respect & Trust The Process
  • Professionals Don't Need Motivation
  • Sometimes, You Just Need To Put More Time In
  • What To Do When You're Not Motivated
  • Discipline Does NOT Mean Perfection
What THis does for you
  • Benefit: Discipline yourself mentally to handle the ups and downs of your process while staying positive
  • ​Benefit: Understand how much time is necessary to reach your goals 
  • ​Benefit: Know how to get yourself motivated -- even when you don't feel so great
  • Benefit: Develop the mental toughness to keep yourself mentally on-track 
  • Benefit: Stop self-criticizing so harshly 
WHy this Really matters for you
  • ACCEPTANCE: You DO NOT need to be perfect in order to succeed
  • SELF-LOVE: NO MORE beating yourself up over your shortcomings  
  • POWER: Move yourself to ACTION at ANY TIME
  • ​REPUTATION: Be known to SHOW UP all the time -- and paid handsomely for it 
  • ​APPLICATION: Everything you're learning in Bulletproof Mindset becoming REAL in your life


A year and a half later I would like to thank you for your words of hope and to say that I just passed the exam and I'm already a lawyer. It was your words of confidence that, as strangers, had the greatest impact and helped me to overcome defeat and to continue working to achieve today's victory! God bless you! - Lili


I wanted to let you know that I love what you're doing. I haven't heard all of your podcasts yet but I'm working my way through them. I'm an athlete from a different perspective, I'm a barrel racer. I ride horses and compete in rodeo. Although a majority of sport talk you use or work with is Basketball, I can understand everything and can use it to help myself. It's actually helps me think outside the box because I can't just copy and paste the situation from whatever you may be talking about to what I'm going through. You have made me more disciplined in myself and the work I need to do to become better every day. I greatly appreciate what you do. - Caitlin


I was a really good basketball player physical but mentally I wasn't there... I went from good to unstoppable. Dre just doesn't cover Confidence. He covers Confidence, discipline, Visioning Success, dealing with negativity, mindset mistakes and much, much more! I have recommended Dre to anyone who wants to be serious in basketball or anything in life. Thank you again and Work On Your Game! - Grayson


This book is outstanding. I read the intro and immediately knew that it was something I wanted to read--which is good because anyone who reads it will immediately know if it's what they're looking for or not. I love the Examine Your Game boxes, and feel like it has a great balance of information and action items. I also love the easy-to-understand examples, like the vending machine. The way it's written is smooth and easy to read. Most of the chapters tease the content of the next chapter, which made me want to keep reading it. Fabulous work! - Lisa
BONUS #5: become a business athlete
The Business world is just like playing a sport in many ways. 

You must be dedicated and focused. There are no "overnight successes." Competitors are constantly scheming to take you down. You must show up every day -- even when you don't feel like it. You better add something new to your game every season. Every successful team needs a strong, focused leader. 

And no matter where you stand right now, the discipline you apply to your craft will determine if and how long you stay on top. 

Become a Business Athlete is a course that we made to sell to to Fortune 500 companies at $10,000 per year. It will have you mentally in shape and primed to perform in the office the same way your favorite athlete does in the game. 

This will help you develop a Bulletproof Mindset faster and easier as you can listen to the short audios every day while getting dressed for work on or your lunch break. 
what you get [Daily 30-day Audio course]
  • What exactly do you want? 
  • Keep Your Eyes On The Goal
  • Know Your Business Inside And Out
  • Eliminate What Isn't Working 
  • Plan Ahead & Eliminate Guesswork
  • ​When You Reach The End, Stop 
  • ​Discipline Doesn’t Have A Highlight Reel
  • ​Everything is connected: Don't let your personal issues ruin your business
  • ​Your Highest Goal: Would You Be Ready For It?
  • ​It’s Not What You Get, But Who You Become
  • ​Your Last 1% of Effort Could Be the Difference Maker
  • XXXXXXXXXX [Get Started To Find Out!]
  • XXXXXXXXXX [Get Started To Find Out!]
  • XXXXXXXXXX [Get Started To Find Out!]
What THis does for you
  • Benefit: Use the audios as a daily pick-me-up that keep your mind on-point
  • Benefit: Be motivated to master every aspect of your business as the leader
  • Benefit: Have clear goals that tell you when to begin, and when to stop 
  • ​Benefit: Develop a performance mindset 
  • ​Benefit: Listen at any time, even while on the go
WHy this really matters for you
  • KNOW: Be clear about where you're going
  • SELF: Know who you are and when you're at your best
  • PERFORM: Measure yourself and your team by performance, aligning everything else to support this measurement
  • ​CONVENIENCE: Listen to the audios at any time, even on mobile or tablet
  • ​HIGH-LEVEL: Learn the same strategies that Fortune 500 companies paid over $10,000/year to learn
And, on this page only, I'm going to include some exclusive bonuses that you can't get anywhere else!
Bonus #1: 
How To 25X Your Confidence TODAY
What You're Getting:
Confidence. Everyone believes they would do more in life if they had more of it. 

They're right. 

In this 13-minute MasterClass, Dre Baldwin explains for you exactly how to 25X your confidence immediately -- and specific tools for keeping it there so your self-belief lasts. 
Bonus #2:
Bullshit Excuses That Losers Use
What You're Getting:
There are some excuses that we don't even know are excuses that stop us from getting what we want in life. 

The good news is, Dre is here to help you by calling you on your bullshit and changing the directions plugged into your GPS.
Bonus #3: 
Afraid Of Success? Take This Test
What You're Getting:
Success!!! If you go by what people say, almost all of us want it, in some form. So what's stopping anyone form getting it? 

You may not know it, but it may be a fear of success. Dre explains what a fear of success looks, feels and smells like, and how you can get that issue out of your way on your path to success.
All of these pieces of this offer came together over the course of TEN PLUS YEARS of trial and error, learning, answering questions, and testing material on audiences ranging from business owners to athletes to parents to influencers. 

This is the only time and place that you can get ALL of this value TOGETHER at the same time at anything CLOSE to this price...
Take advantage of this now, because this is a
limited time offer!
My 30-Day Bulletproof Guarantee
If Bulletproof Mindset 2.0 doesn't help you to be more confident than you've EVER been in life, condition your mind to be at your best mentally throughout your days, and make the most of your talent and potential, then I'll refund your money. Period. 
IF what i'm offering you did only half of what i've promised... 
would it be worth it?
you will be Locking Into Your Zone, Developing Sharp Focus And Exuding Full Confidence To Lead Yourself And Your Team, AND It will Stick Forever - Guaranteed

This allows you to lead your team, and communicate assertively. 

you're just one bold move away... and Bulletproof mindset is that bold move. 
-Dre "DreAllDay" Baldwin
Here’s A Recap Of
EVERYTHING You're Getting
When You take advantage of This AMAZING Offer for bulletproof mindset 2.0!
√ ​Bulletproof Mindset 2.0 12-Module Course ($12,997 Value)

BONUS The Mental Workbook: Your Daily Self Guide to Your Vision of Success Workbook ($297 Value)

​BONUS The Game: Raise Your Value 18-Part Business Course ($2,997 Value)

​BONUS Discipline Master Course Volume 1 5-Part Audio Master Class ($297 Value)

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