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No one knows how to turn unrelenting self-belief into hard-and-fast career results better than Dre Baldwin. When everyone and everything was telling him to give up on his goal of playing pro basketball, he got focused on his future, and met the challenge head on. 

In the end, Baldwin succeeded―making a living playing basketball in leagues around the world―and in these pages, he shares all his secrets.

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Author Dre "DreAllDay" Baldwin
High School Bench To Pro player in 5 years
Dre Baldwin sat at the end of his high school varsity team's bench as a senior. Just 5 years later, Dre started what become a 9-year professional basketball playing career, spanning 8 countries. 
Dre was the first player from his NCAA D3 school to ever play professionally. 
At the same time, Dre began publishing his training content to YouTube, creating a brand new genre of athletic training videos back in 2006. To date, Dre has over 7,000 videos published, over 134,000 subscribers viewing his content over 44 million times. 

Dre’s past clients include Nike, TLC, the NBA, Finish Line, Wendy's, Gatorade, Buick, Wilson Sports, and STASH Investments. 
Dre has given 4 TED Talks, written 22 books and created over 200 training programs for athletes, entrepreneurs and business professionals. 
His Work On Your Game Podcast has amassed over 1.6 million listens. A Philadelphia native, Dre lives in Miami.
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This is a video of the author himself Dre Baldwin reading the introductory chapter of his book Work On Your Game. This is not your regular book introduction -- the reading alone took Dre 38 minutes! Here is where Dre lays the foundation for how Work On Your Game -- the book, the business and philosophy -- came to be. You get immediate access with your purchase! 
#2: How I Landed A Major Publisher Book Contract
Dre had published 21 books through his own company before working with a traditional Manhattan publisher for Work On Your Game. Why did he do it? What are the benefits and drawbacks of going this route? Would Dre do it again? Get all the answers in this BONUS video. 
#3: How Work On Your Game Podcast Happens
Dre's daily solo podcast has over 1,200 episodes -- NO ONE has published a solo show at this rate, EVER. How does it happen? How does Dre get his ideas? How does Dre seem to come up with something new every day? Learn it all in this exclusive Bonus video. 
 What readers are saying about 
work on your game 
Work On Your Game by Dre Baldwin testimonial


Hey Dre, The reason for this email is to express my sincere appreciation and admiration for the dedication you have for your craft. I've been following you for a little over two years now. I own several books of yours and I also purchased your Bullet Proof Mindset Course. But the thing that's helped me the most is your PODCAST. I learned so much from The WOYG Podcast that it made me want to start my own. I wanted to do for others what you did for me. I wanted to for two years but I didn't! There's a bunch of excuses for why I didn't, but not a single good reason. The only thing that was in my way was me. But I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired, so I decided to take action. I posted my 4th podcast episode yesterday.I have you to thank for that! Thank you for your content! & Thank you for helping me build up the confidence I needed to finally launch my podcast. (P.s. it's even rated 5 Stars on Apple Podcast :) )

- Flor, Podcaster
Work On Your Game by Dre Baldwin testimonial


Dre is a master of peeling back the layers to get to what's really important. This book is a real, raw, and practical guide for getting whatever it is that you want. Be prepared to leave your excuses behind and experience mega growth.

- Misty Buck, Entrepreneur & Coach
Work On Your Game by Dre Baldwin testimonial


WORK ON YOUR GAME will help you bring discipline, confidence, and fearlessness to your work whether you're in the boardroom, a start-up garage, or the sales office. It will show you where to put the work in to get the best results, when to take chances, and how to toughen up to meet daily challenges. Baldwin's story and advice will inspire you to play your best -- no matter what your game.

- Dan Pink, NYT Bestselling Author
Work On Your Game by Dre Baldwin testimonial


Dre Baldwin is a tough, truth-telling coach who can change your game by teaching you how to work on it in the right ways. None of what he shares is easy, but all of it is smart, and if you have the guts to do the work, this book will show you the path to success.

- Nick Morgan, Bestselling Author
Work On Your Game by Dre Baldwin testimonial


Just finished book over the weekend—thanks so much for all the great info. It will be a great resource coaching at a Div 3 school---I know our best player from this season is trying to continue to play. Looking forward to sharing the info—great thoughts on mental toughness. Thanks again,

- Brad Oringer, College Basketball Coach
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